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Crosscall Mobile Launches New Range of Devices and Industry-First 3-Year Warranty

Crosscall, the French brand specialising in outdoor mobile technology, is increasingly recognised in both professional and consumer markets for the durability of its products and intends to make durability a major asset in its offer by now offering a complete range, consisting of 3 smartphones and a tablet, with an industry-first a 3-year warranty.

Crosscall is committed to the sustainability of its products.

Ultra-resistant, waterproof, long-lasting batteries… durability has always been part of Crosscall’s DNA! The mobile phone sector is often singled out for criticism, particularly in the area of programmed obsolescence so by offering particularly durable smartphones, Crosscall is taking the opposite direction to the trend towards increasingly short-lived smartphones.

Over the past 10 years, Crosscall has established extremely high quality standards, validated by more than 80 laboratory tests, and built trustworthy relationships with industrial partners who implement precise assemblies and use high-quality components that are themselves tested, proven and sustainable over the long term.

Crosscall doesn’t want to be just satisfied with offering rugged, waterproof mobiles with a long battery life. The company is making strong commitment to its users by guaranteeing all the products in the new CORE range for 3 years. A range that should therefore set the standard and open up a new path for sustainable telephony. 

“For us, this step represents the first of many in a project that consists of moving away from consumer-oriented telephony to telephony based on user needs and sustainability,” said Cyril Vidal, founder and president of Crosscall. “Our brand is based on the idea that a phone is made to meet the needs of its users, to fit their lifestyle and to last, no matter what environment it is exposed to. Putting the user at the centre of our products’ design and committing to their durability is where the true innovation lies, ” he adds.

Today, Crosscall is aimed at an increasingly wide customer base, who want a different kind of phone, with a longer life span and which is adaptable to all types of daily activities.

Julien Furiot, Sales Director for Crosscall South Africa says, “We are incredibly proud to unveil our latest suite of devices for the savvy South African consumer who enjoys convenience and values durability. We kept you in mind when we designed these products and are certain it will meet both your personal and professional lives seamlessly. Every device also comes with a first-ever 3 year warranty, which is the result of 10 years of research and development work. With durable smartphones there is less obviously breakage meaning companies no longer have to renew or replace their mobile fleet so regularly and this means lower total cost of ownership over the long term.”  

A versatile and durable range, for professionals and everyday adventurers alike.

While the new CORE range was designed primarily for professionals, and thought out according to the specific uses of the various vertical business lines, it was essential that it could also satisfy the most demanding everyday users. Extremely versatile, the CORE range represents a true modern productivity tool, perfectly adapted to an active daily life.

CORE-T4, the first tablet on the market to be certified AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) by Google

A great novelty in the new CORE range, is the first Crosscall tablet. It is both a real outdoor mobile office for professionals, and a portable leisure station that can withstand all conditions, even the most turbulent children! Its AER certification allows all professionals from all sectors to work in any type of environment.

With its 8-inch screen, Qualcomm 450 processor, 3/32 GB memory, it can be used with one hand, in portrait or landscape mode. It has 2 SIM slots to connect anywhere in 4G+ and access different applications even while roaming. The WIFI and 4G+ connectivity allows the user to be responsive wherever they are, without fear of running out of battery power. Indeed, the CORE-T4 comes with a 7000 mAh batteryenough to easily withstand a day of continuous use of emails, YouTube or web browsing .

The CORE-T4 is equipped with a 13Mpix camera and is waterproof resistant means you can even take pictures underwater!

Recommended retail price: 10999 ZAR* (available)

CORE-X4, the top of the range

Also AER certified, the CORE-X4 has been designed for optimum versatility. The CORE-X4 is a high-performance, technically advanced smartphone that incorporates components renowned for their longevity, such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM 450 processor. The CORE-X4 is a smartphone that is efficient in every way, designed to combine safety and convenience.

Its 18:9 format has been designed to make it as ergonomic as possible, allowing the user to access the entire screen with his thumb. Having undergone no less than 100 resistance tests, the CORE-X4 withstands all types of shocks and immersions, whether it is falling in mud or a container that spills into a kitchen. Its robustness, proven in the field, will also be appreciated at the beach, by the pool or in the mountains. The Wet Touch and Glove Touch functions, which are popular in professional outdoor environments, are equally useful in everyday life, when it rains, when your hands are wet or when you wear gloves.

In addition to all the advantages of strength, waterproofing and long battery life common to the entire range as well as to all Crosscall products, the CORE-X4 is equipped with a high quality 48MP photo / video sensor, using Fusion 4 technology which allows the pixels to be coupled 4 by 4 (12 MP resolution), absorbing 4 times more light, for sharp and intense photos even in low light.

Thanks to its 2 programmable buttons, the professional can assign a push-to-talk application to use his smartphone as a walkie-talkie. Isolated workers can also secure themselves in their activity by configuring the second button on an isolated worker protection solution.

The CORE-X4’s ultra versatility allows you to instantly switch from professional to personal mode, thanks to its triple SIM drawer that holds 2 SIM cards and a micro SD card.

Recommended retail price: 9499 ZAR* (available)

CORE-M4, a concentrate of resistance for essential functions

Efficient, compact, resistant, robust, waterproof and reliable, the CORE-M4 is a concentrate of CROSSCALL DNA! The 5-inch 18 :9 screen makes it the ideal ergonomical smartphone for essential uses. Smaller and lighter in size than the other smartphones in the range, usable with just one hand, it can be handled easily, in all situations, and fits in any pocket!

With its Qualcomm 215 processor and 2/16GB of memory, the CORE-M4 runs on Android 9 and has dual SIM functionality, giving it, like the CORE-X4the ability to easily switch between professional and personal modes.

Specially adapted for corporate fleets, it rigorously meets the requirements imposed by the Android for Work program (zero touch, compatibility with the main Enterprise Mobile Management players, security patch updates, etc.). Ideal for teamwork, the CORE-M4 is equipped with a programmable button that can be configured with a Push-to-Talk application turning the mobile into a modern day walkie-talkie. Its second programmable key can be configured to the function of your choice, depending on your uses (SOS, business application, photo…).

The CORE-M4 has been designed with durability in mind and is based on the know-how of specialised and renowned companies, such as its Corning glass or its 64-bit Qualcomm® 215 processor with a Quad Core engraved in 28nm. This processor is integrated in the life extended program to ensure updates, as well as the durability of the components.

It goes without saying that the CORE-M4 can endure a day of intensive use and runs perfectly smoothly on Android 9.

Recommended retail price: 6699 ZAR* (available from August 2020)

CORE-M4 GO, the essentials for simplified use

Adapted to all environments, ultra-resistant, the CORE-M4 GO fulfils the same promises as all the brand’s smartphones, in the purest Crosscal DNA, but in a simplified and therefore more affordable version. Equipped with a lightweight Android version (Android GO), the CORE-M4 GO has made fluidity and simplicity the heart of its use. The same format as the CORE-M4, it comes with the same camera (12MP) and a 3000 mAh battery, enough to easily withstand a full day’s operation.

Recommended retail price: 5399 ZAR* (available from September 2020)


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