‘Demote as Admin’ Feature Soon To Be Added for Group Chats on WhatsApp


WhatsApp is currently testing a new button in group chats for both Android and iOS which will allow one administrator to “demote” or “dismiss” other administrators, without having to first delete them from the group and then re-adding a as normal participant.

According to WABetaInfo, the new option in the Group Info section states ‘Dismiss as admin’ – This allows an administrator to dismiss another one without removing him or her from the group.

WhatsApp is also looking into giving group administrators more powers where they would be able to restrict all other members from sending text messages, photographs, videos, GIFs, documents or voice messages.

The Restricted Groups setting can only be activated by group administrators. Administrators can keep sharing media and be chatting as normal as they restrict other members.

Once restricted, other members will simply have to read their messages and will not be able to respond. They will have to use the Message Admin button to post a message or share media to the group. The message will need to be approved by the administrator before going through to the rest of the group.

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