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Cabin fever is often associated with being cooped up indoors for too long. Realistically, it can occur any time you feel isolated or disconnected from the outside world. But, being almost a year since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted life as we knew it, cabin fever is more common than not these days! Self-isolation, coupled with a constant barrage of mostly bad news about the disease and its impact, is driving intense emotions, including anxiety, fear, loneliness, and stress.

While you can’t control what’s happening in the world right now, what you can manage is how you choose to navigate your life, and Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) has an ecosystem that can address all your needs at the tap of a finger.

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Commit to a routine

Having a routine can go a long way in boosting your mood, especially if you’ve been working from home. And having a routine means taking well-deserved breaks. Taking a 20-to-30 minute timeout to do a little activity like gaming, for example, will keep you focused and reduce potential stress. HUAWEI GameCentre is a one-stop gaming platform that offers a seamless experience by providing features such as pre-ordering games and tons of activities, rewards and exclusive gifts. You can also take advantage of exclusive online game packages and offers when playing, through which you can grow your profile, unlock further discounts, and enjoy benefits. HUAWEI GameCentre has a variety of games to choose from such as Tetris Crush 2020, Gardenscapes, and Subway Princess, so you will soon feel recharged to tackle the day with a little less stress.

Have some fun

When will there ever be another time in history where staying indoors is cool? Make the most of your time alone at home by practicing the latest TikTok dance moves or turning your cleaning chores into the ultimate house party. HUAWEI Music is your one-stop shop for a high quality music experience. Enjoy chart-topping songs from your favourite artists and curated playlists. HUAWEI Music can help you find and match the most suitable music to your mood.

A dose of entertainment

Take your mind off the pandemic completely and catch up on your next series binge. HUAWEI Video is perfect for streaming your favourite movies and series, especially after a long day of working from home, or while you are taking that lunch time break. There are a range of genres of movies to choose from, like romantic comedies and drama, which can keep you occupied for hours on end. One of the keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat movies on offer, is Mission Impossible: Fallout – because who doesn’t love an action-packed movie with Tom Cruise? And if you have little ones around, Ice Age is perfect, as they will love watching the clumsy and talkative sloth..

Keep your body moving

We have all had the guilty pleasure of becoming couch potatoes after work hours and during the weekend. Taking up minor physical activities can, however, keep you present and lively. Whether it is doing a tiny job in your backyard or having a meditation session in your living room, HUAWEI Health is a great tool to utilise when wanting to keep tab on your physical health – whether it be by counting your steps or checking your water intake.

By utilising the tools and applications available in the Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem, you could explore a whole new world of possibilities, right from your couch. Being cooped up indoors doesn’t have to mean cabin fever, thanks to HMS.

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