Fixing The Festive Season in a Flash


Time flies. So do the holidays. And now that most South Africans are returning home and to work, many need to deal with phones or tablets damaged during those carefree days of festive summer. Fortunately, the Quick Repair Centres in Samsung Stores can repair devices within an hour, depending on the severity of the damage. When the reality of the new year starts to hit, convenience like this goes a long way. In the blink of an eye, you’re ready to rise to the challenges of 2019, device in hand.

“Samsung has invested in human centred technologies, so when life happens, our people will be there to assist. We are, as always, fully equipped to help Customers get their device back as fast as possible and repaired in full working order.” says Nithia Pillay, Director: Customer Service at Samsung South Africa.

Whether it’s a repair that’s required or general assistance, there are over a 100 authorised support centres across South Africa as well as a very capable Customer Call Centre that can help. The staff is all fully trained and use Genuine Samsung Parts in all of their repairs of Samsung devices, tablets or wearables. And for those who are already back at work or just too busy doing life, Samsung’s Mobile Repair Service will collect and deliver your device. Faster than the holidays that that flew by, Samsung is ready to help. Essentially, one number fixes it all – Service centre: 0860 726 7864

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