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FNB clarifies incorrect reporting on controversial campaign

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Spokesperson: Bernice Samuels, FNB Chief Marketing Officer

Our objective for the campaign is to stimulate social consciousness around the power of help to build a better South Africa.

The campaign is comprised of a TV advert ‘There will be a day’, outdoor billboards and the blog site ‘you can help’.

We have refuted the suggestion that FNB’s intention was to attack the ANC and Government. We apologised for the posting of four survey interview clips online that caused offence. We are however pleased that the ANC has expressed its support for the overall FNB ‘You Can Help’ campaign, which continues.

Some media reports fail to differentiate between the TV advert itself and the survey interview clips and it is important to provide this clarity.

TV advert

We once again confirm that the TV advert ‘There will be a day’ is scripted. The advert was scripted based on key themes from the survey conducted by an independent research firm. The TV Advert is aired across various television channels and is also available digitally on www.youtube.com/FNBTV and You can Help.co.za. The children who took part in the TV advert received performance fees and is standard industry practice.

Unscripted survey interview clips

We further clarify that the survey conducted captured all 1300 of the respondents interviewed and their responses on camera. These responses were their own views and were not scripted or censored. Importantly, the participants to the survey were never advised of who had commissioned the survey. We confirm that the children were not paid to participate in the survey.

The next phase of the ‘You Can Help’ campaign

The ‘You Can Help’ campaign is comprised of various phases. The article that appeared in the New Age dated 29 January 2013 refers to a casting that took place on the 9 January. It is incorrectly reported that the casting sheet dated 9 January 2013, as referenced in the article was for the live TV advert broadcast on the 17 January 2013 as this casting process had already been concluded by this stage.

The details of this 9 January 2013 casting sheet therefore did not pertain to the ‘There will be a day’ TV advert aired on the 17 January 2013, but specifically to the casting of the next phase of the campaign intended to launch later in the year.


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