From 1 July 2019, eBucks Rewards members will have an opportunity to earn Double their fuel rewards on a quarterly basis with up to R8* back in eBucks per litre at Engen fuel stations. Other new earn categories that are launching include earning up to 15% back in eBucks at KFC stores and up to 40% back in eBucks on InterCape bus rides for FNB Gold customers

To keep the eBucks rewards programme relevant and sustainable for all its members, eBucks Rewards are updated on an annual basis. This year, the focus is on customer engagement to help FNB and RMB Private Bank clients move up reward levels, ultimately supporting their financial goals and helping them make their money go further.

Since inception in 2000, eBucks Rewards has paid out over R12.3 billion in rewards to its members, and members already having spent more than R11 billion of their rewards. The lion’s share of this comes from FNB and RMB Private Bank, recognising and rewarding customers based on customer relevance that suits their lifestyle and banking activities.

Highlights of this year’s Earn Rule Changes:

  • No minimum eBucks required to qualify for discounts when booking flights on eBucks Travel
  • eBucks Rewards members will have the ability to book International and Domestic flights on the FNB App
  • eBucks members will have an opportunity to earn Double their fuel rewards with up to R8* back in eBucks per litre at Engen fuel stations. This reward applies once a quarter in addition to a customer’s normal earn of up to R4* per litre every month. The qualifying requirements that need to be met monthly per quarter are:
    – 100% fuel spend at Engen Fuel Stations
    – Make sure that you have a Vehicle Finance Agreement with WesBank, FNB Vehicle Finance, Toyota Financial Services and/or Volkswagen Financial Services
    – Load vehicle details onto nav» Car on the FNB App.
  • Qualifying Easy Account customers who have FNB Connect SIM cards will now earn R50 back in FNB Connect airtime monthly by swiping R1 or more at Usave, Checkers or Shoprite.  FNB Easy customers who aren’t FNB Connect subscribers will continue to earn R15 back in prepaid airtime on any South African mobile network of their choice.
  • Gold Account customers will move up a reward level by collecting points, giving them more flexibility and opportunities to maximise their rewards and move up levels.
  • Exclusive earn categories applicable to Gold customers include:
    • Up to 40%* back in eBucks on their Intercape bus rides
    • Up to 15% *back in eBucks on their KFC purchases
  • Other new earn categories, applicable to all qualifying members, include:
    • Up to 4%* back in eBucks on FNB Global Debit Card purchases
    • Up to 40%* back in eBucks on FNB Life Insurance (Simplified and Customised)
    • Up to 15%* back in eBucks on Uber Eats orders
    • Monthly benefits with Kauai – Spend 100% on your FNB Credit Card or FNB Fusion Account and you can get a *R100 voucher to purchase any Kauai product of your choice
  • The amount of points required per reward level have been reduced for FNB Premier, Private Clients, Private Wealth and RMB Private bank accounts, making it easier for members to move up a reward level.
  • eBucks members will now be able to spend their eBucks to pay for Computicket events, experiences and tickets under the ‘eBucks Tickets’ tab on

*Please note that the changes discussed above constitute a high-level summary across the entire programme and in no way, represent the complete programme rules with regards to qualifying, moving up a rewards level and earning eBucks and that members should check and email notifications, for a comprehensive list of changes that apply to them.

“This year we are very excited to announce that we have introduced new Earn categories for our members that are relevant to their lifestyles. We’re also giving customers additional value with travel discounts for the whole family,” said Johan Moolman, eBucks Rewards CEO.

To achieve their goals, eBucks members have been equipped with tools on the FNB App such as “Earn More eBucks” and “Maximise your Rewards”, which allow you to track your daily behaviour and get tips on how to reach your rewards goals to move up a reward level.

“Our members can expect to access other meaningful innovations under the eBucks tab on the FNB App such as Pay in eBucks, a new feature which allows members to pay for their recent in-store purchases in eBucks helping them manage their money better,” added Moolman.

As always, eBucks Rewards members are encouraged to follow good banking practices and use electronic banking channels which provide greater security and are a more convenient way to bank.

eBucks Rewards members can visit or the FNB App to:

  1. Pay for purchases in eBucks (new)
  2. Find out their reward level
  3. Learn how to maximise their rewards and move up a level
  4. Find out how many eBucks they have earned, and where they can spend them