FNB’s Slimline self-service terminals have shown continued growth in popularity with a 30% increase in transaction volumes for the period July 2014 on April 2015.

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This innovative self-service terminal with large touch screen, integrated camera and Chip and PIN reader was first introduced to FNB’s self-service range in 2013. Since then, the footprint has increased to 1 305 terminals, including remote locations in South Africa.

“As a service provider, it is critical to us that our customers, irrespective of where they live, have access to as many FNB Banking points of presence as possible,” says Lee-Anne, Van Zyl at FNB Points of Presence. “In locations where it might not be feasible to install a full ATM due to business volumes, a self-service design solution such as a Slimline satisfies the need for banking facilities and fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between the retailer, bank and customer.”

Whilst the initial Slimline had the same capability of the Mini ATM, which it replaced; withdrawals via a slip that is issued and redeemed at the till, balance enquiries and prepaid transactions, today’s Slimline offers customers a full suite ATM banking services.

“We are continually implementing software upgrades; Slimlines offer the convenience of not having to pay to commute to an ATM that is, very possibly, out of the customer’s immediate community and it saves time as customers can do their banking whilst in their local supermarket,” notes Van Zyl.

The Slimline banking and retailing facilities include checking balances and requesting mini statements, transferring funds and making payments, sending and receiving money through eWallet or Moneygram, buying pre-paid, and making prepaid purchases such as electricity and airtime.

Apart from withdrawals that make up 35% of all transactions, significant growth has been noted on money transfers and payments.

Further to the above transactions, a Slimline’s functionality helps to take the angst out of lost or stolen cards and forgotten PINS through cardless cash withdrawals that can be made, PIN and account limits that can be managed and lost or stolen card information that can be accessed on the terminal.

“The experience that we have accumulated from our ATM and ADT network continues to inform the functionality that we roll out on Slimlines. The software and technology of these terminals however will enable us to introduce innovative new services to our customers that will allow banking convenience, without the need to visit a branch,” concludes Van Zyl.