Fortnite Season 7 Released And This Is What It’s All About


With Fortnite Season 7 releasing Today, Epic Games has decided to reveal what you can expect in way of the Fortnite Battle Pass, skins and last but not least, Fortnite Season 7 patch notes. First up, the Fortnite Battle Pass gets new challenges and skins for the same in-game price of 950 V-bucks. Epic Games has also revealed that there are new styles you can unlock with Fortnite Battle Pass skins for Season 7. You can expect the Fortnite Season 7 download size to be around 150MB on iOS, similar to previous season updates.

The Fortnite Battle Pass receives some interesting changes this time around, giving you Lynx and Zenith skins from the get go. These Fortnite Battle Pass skins unlock new styles as you keep playing and levelling up. Furthermore, purchasing the Fortnite Battle Bundle nets you the Sgt. Winter skin as well. In addition to these, the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass has over 100 new exclusive rewards including new cosmetic item types known as Wraps. These allow you to customize your gear with all new looks to match and complement your favourite outfits. Fortnite Battle Pass owners will also get early access to their own island in Creative: a brand new place for you to build your dream Fortnite with your friends.

Patch Notes: Fortnite Season 7

  • 60fps enabled on the iPad Pro 2018.
  • 4x MSAA Anti-Aliasing turned back on for iOS.
  • Improved performance on all Galaxy Note 9 devices as well as the North American variant of the Galaxy S9 Plus.
  • Added support for the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018).
  • Fixed the black border on the iPad Pro 2018.
  • Fixed graphics settings on previous supported iPad Pro models.
  • Fixed incorrect quality settings for iPad 6th Generation.
  • Fixed occasional shadow flickerings in the game lobby.

Fortnite Creative Mode will launch alongside Fortnite Season 7. In Fortnite Creative Mode players would be able to customize their own private maps with game modes as they choose not too dissimilar to Minecraft. While the Fortnite Creative Mode release date is the 6th of December, those who buy the Fortnite Battle Pass get to experience a week earlier with general access rolling out from the 13th of December.

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