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South African Business Advertising and Business Directory, is a central database of businesses in Africa more specifically; South Africa. Allowing users the ability to quickly search for any business in South Africa as well as benefiting the business owner/marketer with a quick and hustle-free way to advertise their business or client.


If you’ve just registered a new account check your e-mail for the password.

South African Business Advertising ( sets itself apart from their competition by offering above-expected expertise and a fantastic advertising service at less then what you would imagine.

Here are some of their free standard features and subsequent benefits:

  1. The required information like Business Name, Description, Business Services, Contact Information, Area of focus, etc. is all captured and displayed for your potential clients to peruse.
  2. 6 months free advertising (may be increased at a nominal amount): Your advert stays online for 6 months.
  3. A quick business contact form on every listed business; allowing business customers to contact the business quickly and freely.
  4. A Fixed URL: With a fixed url and your business advert staying up for 6 months; search engine bots will crawl your advert enough times, your advert will operate as your second website, which is only a good thing.
  5. Website Backlinks: We allow search engine bots to crawl from this advertising portal right into your website; remember, the more your website is crawled the better it is for you.
  6. Ratings: Each business advert has a ratings module linked to it. Every customer may rate your business. This increases traffic to your advert.
  7. Facebook and Twitter integration: Each company we advertise is Automatically published on our Facebook and Twitter pages; increasing your business exposure and getting you customers.
  8. User ID: Because you have your own username and password; you may update your business advert at any time, and as often as you choose. This is very important if your business contact details change or if you want to expand your business services.

They offer the following Price Packages:

  • “Free Listing“: They keep true to their claim that South African Business Advertising is free. This package features are standard, as set out above.
  • “Silver Advertiser Package” (costs $3 = R30): Includes two images and extends the life -term of your business advert by 6 months, making it 12 months long. You’d have paid just R2.50 per month.
  • “Gold Advertiser Package” (costs $7 = R70): Includes two additional images (making it 4) which is useful for displaying your services, and adds 18 more months to your business advert, making it 24 months in total. So much at just R2.90 monthly.
  • “Platinum Advertiser Package” (costs $9 = R90): This option allows for uploading 6 images and extends the life-term of your business advert to 48 months (which is 4 years). This being the best option, at just R1.88 calculated monthly.

Featured Businesses

  • This is an upgrade available in conjunction with the price packages detailed above which costs an additional $9.99 (R 100).
  • You can upgrade your listing to a featured status. Featured listings will always appear on top of regular listings and enjoy bigger coverage.
  • For a more visible and search optimised business listing, upgrade to a Featured Listing.
  • In general, Featured Listings are known to receive 4 times more hits than regular free listings. This Featured Listing option will extend the options above.

Do it now, advertise and start reaping the benefits of this free South African Business Advertising portal.





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