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Free The Animals

Free The Animals are an emotion fueled lake of sound…

They are a Progressive Indie Soul Act who are trying show the world that in order to find true happiness in this life, one must follow their heart and soul, become focused and direct their energy towards things that effect the spirit in a fruitful and fulfilling way.

Started  2011

Genre  Progressive Indie Soul

Members  David van Vuuren- Communicator/Singer
A’ron Harmse- Landscaper
Dylan Hunt- Drums
Greg van Kerkhof- Bass

Hometown  Johannesburg

Record Label  Universal Music

General Manager  Gareth Wilson (Southern Pulse) +27 76 043 3893

Influences  Love and Destiny

Contact Info

Press Contact  Gareth Wilson (Southern Pulse) +27 76 043 3893

Booking Agent  Gareth Wilson (Southern Pulse) +27 76 043 3893

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Free_TheAnimals
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-The-Animals/182212921848995

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