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Get SupaCharge’d With Cell C

What does this mean?
Cell C is offering you even unbelievable value for money – you get FREE extra value (Cell C to Cell C minutes, Cell C to Cell C SMS’s & DATA) every time you recharge
  • Most affordable flat rate to any network, any place, any time
  • Per second billing from the first second – less than 2c per second
  • Use data at 99c per MB – out of bundle

You can get these benefits by buying normal airtime vouchers from any store that sells Cell C airtime or when you buy airtime at an ATM or on Internet Banking or Cellphone Banking.

The higher the value of the recharge, the greater the value of bonus that is received
How does SUPACHARGE work?

  • Whenever you recharge with airtime, you receive the Rand value of that airtime PLUS FREE Cell C to Cell C minutes, PLUS FREE Cell C to Cell C SMSs, PLUS FREE Data

Who can get SUPACHARGE?

  • All Cell C Prepaid and Contract Top-Up customers automatically get SUPACHARGE whenever you recharge with airtime. No opt-in is required
  • SUPACHARGE is not available to customers who are on any CST products, Postpaid or Least Cost Routing products.
  • SUPACHARGE may only be used for private and personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes

How do I get the SUPACHARGE Unlimited bonus?

  • If you are a Cell C Prepaid or Contract TopUp customer you get unlimited Cell C to Cell C anytime voice calls, valid for 30 days from date of recharge, when recharging with an airtime voucher of R500 or more

What happens if I recharge while I still have unused SUPACHARGE bonuses?

  • Cell C will add the unused bonus benefits together with the new bonuses and the latest expiry date (which could be either that of the unused bonus or of the new bonus) will be applied to the new bonus benefits balance, except in the case of the Unlimited Cell C to Cell C minutes bonus which is valid for 30 days only.

What recharges are excluded from receiving SUPACHARGE bonuses?

  • Any non-airtime recharge such as an All-In-One voucher, R39 SMS voucher, prepaid data package or bundle purchase does not qualify for SUPACHARGE bonuses

How do I check my SUPACHARGE balances?

  • Dial *101# for FREE minutes, SMS and data
  • Dial *147# for a detailed balance enquiry and to view your unlimited Bonus Cell C to Cell C minutes expiry
*Terms & Conditions Apply

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  1. I Change To Cell C Because Of Their Quality Awesome Service, Just 99c Per Minute To All Networks And 7.50 for 50MB Compare To Other Networks.

    Cell C Is A Optional Service Provider To All SA Citizens, Can’t Find AnyWhere This Deals Accept Leading Provider In Deals On Offer…

    Thank You Cell C

    Yours, Loyal Customer

    • *Airtime does not expire

      R5.00 to R9.99 – 2 days
      R10.00 to R24.99 – 2 days
      R25.00 to R34.99 – 2 days
      R35.00 to R49.99 – 3 days
      R50.00 to R69.99 – 5 days
      R70.00 to R99.99 – 7 days
      R100.00 to R149.99 – 7 days
      R150.00 to R199.99 – 15 days
      R200.00 to R299.99 – 15 days
      R300.00 to R499.99 – 30 days
      Greater than R500.00 – 30 days

  2. I’m highly disgusted at the lies that Cell C is advertising, I recharged with the R39 sms bundle for the 100 sms’s and the next day I could send any sms’s and I went 2 go buy another sms recharge voucher and the same thing happened, I will never ever make that mistake of using Cell C again infact I’m making sure that everyone I know doesn’t use Cell C.

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