Get Your 2019 Matric Results Here!


Public and private schools have different ways in releasing their results, but whether you’re an NSC or an IEB student, here is all the information you need!

Matric results will be released on 8 January 2020 for government schools and on 7 January 2020 for IEB schools.  All provinces are currently expected to release the results on the same day. 

Here are the different ways to obtain your results:


According to a representative of the Dept of Basic Education, newspapers will no longer be a priority to release results, however, some newspapers will still publish them. 

IEB SMS line

IEB Learners can provide the IEB with your phone number and on the day of the results, they will send an SMS. You register for this service by sending an SMS to 35135  

NSC SMS line

For public schools you can register via SMS by sending your ID number and Exam number to 35658. You will receive a confirmation SMS and on the day of the results you will get an SMS with your results.

Use the USSD service

Dial *120*35658# and answer some questions, then enter your ID number. You’ll receive your results per subject after you’ve completed the process. You’ll have the option to opt in or out to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act. USSD rates apply.

Pick up at school

Go to your school on the day the results are released and collect them in person.  

Department Website

You can also visit the national Department of Basic Education site. There will be a box to enter your exam number and the results will reflect on the website.

What to do if you’ve failed?

If a learner fails they have the choice of rewriting the exam of the failed subjects in May or June or they can choose to repeat the whole matric year.

In both cases, the Department of Basic Education says the student should go to their respective schools on the day that results are released to register for the next step.


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