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Get your home organised with these Android inventory apps

Over the years, the amount of stuff you keep in your house or flat can accumulate to the extent that it becomes hard to keep track of what you own. Keeping it all organised can seem like a massive chore. Thankfully, there are some great Android apps you can use to take stock of what you own.

You can use them if you want to calculate the value of your items for insurance, if you want to sell some of your stuff, if you’re moving or if you’re renting a furnished room or flat to a tenant.

Alcatel recommends some of the best home inventory apps for Android:

  1. Home Inventory

Home Inventory is a free productivity tool for Android that enables you to efficiently keep track of the entire contents of your home. It helps you organise the receipts, warranty information, product manuals, maintenance schedules, repair and improvement notes, and other important information about your stuff.

  1. HouseBook

Input your things, take pictures, and HouseBook will remember exactly where they are, what they look like, as well as any other attributes you add. HouseBook stores data on the cloud, so even if your phone is destroyed, your inventory will be available. Your inventory is searchable through the app or through the Google Assistant. You can even let others view your inventory by sharing a link.

  1. Itemtopia

Itemtopia is a flexible, powerful software for organising information about your home or business and everything in it. The app allows you to add a home or business and it then maintains everything about your possessions or inventory. You can then add receipts, warranties, photos, notes and more.

  1. StuffKeeper

This app makes storing and finding things easy, especially things that you don’t use often but that can come in handy at a moment’s notice. Stuff like tools, seasonal clothes, accessories and spare parts.

  1. Sortly

Sortly is a super simple inventory management solution that enables you to easily track what you have, where it is, and who has it. Anytime, anywhere, on any device. Although designed for businesses, it’s simple and great for your home, too.

  1. My Stuff Organizer

Use this app to store the details of all the stuff you’ve recently purchased or already have. Keep track of where your things are, who you have loaned stuff to or borrowed things from, and the expenses associated with your possessions.

  1. Memento Database

Memento Database is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed for working with any data, making it possible to store, organise, calculate and visualise information. Keeping an inventory of your stuff is just one way to use it. It’s also great for shopping lists, travel planning, time management and more.

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