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Get Your Matric 2022 Results Here

Minister of Basic Education, Mrs Angie Motshekga, will announce the outcome of the National Senior Certificate examinations on 19 January 2023. Results will be released to candidates on 20 January 2023. Some results may not be available because of technical issues.

  • Candidates are urged to get their statements of results from their school/centre where they wrote the exams. Candidates’ results will also be available on this website.
  • Result queries should be submitted for investigation within 30 days after the release of results.
  • Candidates must ensure that names and identity numbers reflect correctly on their statement of results and report any required corrections to the Department before 21 February 2023.

When applying for certain tertiary studies or bursaries, you may come across the requirement “must have achieved a minimum of Level 5” for a specific subject. Each symbol on the Matric Certificate correlates with a specific percentage. This is what they mean…

• Level 7: means you have achieved 80 to 100% (Outstanding)
• Level 6: means you have achieved 70 to 79% (Meritorious)
• Level 5: means you have achieved 60 to 69% (Substantial)
• Level 4: means you have achieved 50 to 59% (Moderate)
• Level 3: means you have achieved 40 to 49% (Adequate)
• Level 2: means you have achieved 30 to 39% (Elementary)
• Level 1: means you have achieved 0 to 29% (Not achieved)

There are a few ways to obtain your final Matric results:

  1. Online (Department of Basic Education website)
  2. News24 website
  3. Newspaper
    The results are usually published at the same time as the Department’s release date being the 20th of January 2023 – Don’t stress about the whole Country seeing your marks. The papers will only post your relevant overall mark symbol and whether or not you have passed.
  4. High School

A candidate may apply at the prescribed fee for the re-mark/re-check of his/her examination scripts. Registration can be done at either the school or district office in the province or online at www.eservices.gov.za (all instructions appear on the reverse side of the Statement of Results).

Closing date for applications:  3 February 2023 for both manual applications and online applications.

Fees for re-marking and re-checking per subject:

Re-mark : R110.00
Re-check : R27.00

Viewing of scripts may only be done after a re-mark or re-check of results. The closing date for applications is 7 days after release of re-mark or re-check results. The fee for viewing is R212.00

The supplementary examination in February/March has been phased out and is therefore no longer available. A new examination is available during May/June where candidates can improve their results or complete outstanding results. The closing date for application for 2022 is 8 February 2023.

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