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GIF Stickers Returns To Instagram Stories After Its Brief Disappearance Act, Includes Support for Full Screen Ads

The Instagram App has received two new updates. The first update is regarding GIF stickers, this makes a comeback on Instagram Stories after having first launched on the platform back in January this year. The second update is focused on Instagram’s new full screen support for all short-length ads in Instagram Stories.

GIF stickers, powered by Giphy were removed earlier this month after an incident involving the posting of a “deeply offensive sticker” apparently prompted the suspension of Giphy’s integration with Instagram Stories. “The content was immediately removed and after investigation a bug was found in our content moderation filters affecting stickers. This bug was immediately fixed and all stickers were re-moderated,” said Giphy in its statement on the incident. The company claims to have re-moderated its entire sticker library four times, apart from adding another level of moderation.

Beginning Today, 30th March, Instagram resumes with the use of Giphy’s stickers on its Snapchat-inspired Instagram Stories platform. 

Instagram has also made posting optimized ads a tad bit easier for advertisers. When a business uploads a single photo or video (less than 15 seconds) compliant with aspect ratios in the Instagram feed, the service will automatically adapt it for posting on Instagram Stories giving the advertiser wide coverage across the platform.

Advertisers will benefit in three ways with the latest update:

  1. Their proprietary pixel matching technology will help select a background gradient to turn the ad into full screen.
  2. Text from the ad unit will be added in Instagram Stories below the photo/video, in case the unit is square or in landscape.
  3. Swipe up capabilities will allow for a better call-to-action for the advertisers.

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