Hisense launches its pioneering Vision TV


Hisense, the global manufacturer of premium consumer electronics and home appliances, has launched its latest brand innovation, the Vision TV – the first-of-its-kind Smart TV in the Vision TV Series.


In recent years, Smart TVs have become popular due to the rising need for applications (apps) to suit consumer lifestyles, their reliance on having internet access and being able to view videos, browsing websites, playing games, and so forth. Hisense understood this trend and identified the need for something fresh and clever during the developments of its new series of TVs. After intense consideration, an Android Smart TV, called the Vision TV, was created.

Hisense did this by optimising the user interface, integrating the video on demand function, and simplified the management of the apps on the TV. One of the elements that stood out is that with other Smart TV apps are preinstalled and consumers aren’t allowed to install or delete apps themselves. The Hisense Vision TV boasts the latter with a new breed of Smart TVs.

Jerry Liu, General Manager of Hisense South Africa commented, “The new Vision TV is set to be the benchmark in the television space. We continue to innovate in our product offering and with our 4-year warranty on all products, our customers can rest assured that they have a product of superior quality.  The Vision series of TVs is exciting for us as it is leaps and bounds ahead of our competitors and any other TV in the market.  What is even more exciting for us, is that the Vision TVs will be produced locally in our factory in Atlantis – we are well on the way to creating more jobs locally by adding this to our list of products manufactured locally.”

Through its fiercely competitive offering, Hisense has made its mark in the local market and now boasts the second largest market share of TVs and Fridges in the country.

The Vision TV has a sleek and artistic design that is curved to perfection. The TV is pure Android based with an optimized OS and brand new UI, it has 4K HD that includes U-LED & HighView, and it also has unlimited sharing capabilities. As an extra, it comes with an Air Mouse remote control that works with Bluetooth.

The new Vision TV will redefine how consumers watch TV and will open the doors to endless entertainment, while ensuring the experience is a pleasurable and user friendly one.

In summary, the Hisense Vision TV key features include:

  • Sleek, Artistic Design
  • Pure Android: Optimized Operating System and new User Interface
  • 4K High Definition (Plus U-LED & HighView)
  • Real Smart: Voice and Gesture control
  • Anyview Cast: Unlimited sharing
  • Air Mouse Remote Control: Bluetooth connection

The Hisense Vision TV is now available for purchase at Game and Makro stores nationwide.

For more information on Hisense South Africa, please visit the company website, or call 08604473673

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