Hisense partners with MWEB


Hisense, the global manufacturer of premium consumer electronics and home appliances, has as part of its ongoing mobile strategy sealed a deal with local technology and internet service provider, MWEB. The deal will see Hisense’s new to market Infinity range of Smartphones and Phablets being made available to purchase in MWEB’s network of stores nationwide.


In addition to launching the Infinity range of Smartphones through online channels kalahari.com and Takelot.com, the company has been hard at work finding appropriate traditional retail channels to partner with to make the smartphones available to the public as a prepaid purchase in store. The partnership with MWEB is a natural choice due to their best value data packages which they offer to customers and aligns well with the Hisense product offering.

Hisense South Africa’s National Mobile Sales Manager, Michael Grace explains, “Hisense and MWEB share the same philosophy of bringing affordable data and Smartphone technology to the public. Working together, we have formulated a market strategy that aims to deliver exceptionally well-priced device and data deal packages.”

As mobile users start to opt for Smartphones over feature phones, connectivity and choice become more important. More people in Africa have access to mobile phones than they do a steady electricity connection, and as such the need for competitively priced devices that are hardier and offer better battery life is increasing. Hisense has sold more than 10million smartphones world-wide and is behind the movement of making smartphones more accessible to the African market.

MWEB has stores in shopping malls situated in all three major cities in South Africa and the Hisense Infinity range will be available in all stores from late June. Given Hisense’s national footprint of service centres, and MWEB’s plans to expand its retail offering, the partnership signifies an increase in opportunities for local South Africans to own a Hisense Smartphone.

For more information on Hisense South Africa, please visit the company website, or call 08604473673. Alternatively, please follow Hisense here:

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