How KFC is ensuring it’s always a step ahead of the competition


KFC officially unveiled its newly revamped KFC Grayston restaurant. Only a stone’s throw away from one of the brand’s biggest competitors, KFC’s Grayston restaurant presents the brand with the ultimate opportunity to stay ahead of the curb – literally – by leading the way in QSR.

“As far as innovation, at KFC – whether in product or store design – we always seek to better understand the people we’re creating products for and what matters to them. We continuously bring the best of the world’s innovation to African shores and the re-launch of this restaurant is yet another symbol of our commitment to the development of our people and the spaces we occupy,” said Dhruv Kaul, Chief Marketing Officer at KFC Africa.

Some notable renovations at KFC Grayston include self-service kiosks, making this the first KFC in South Africa to have these. The newly revamped KFC Grayston also has dedicated click-and-collect parking bays for customers who order online or on the KFC app to use when they collect their orders at the restaurant. Specially demarcated parking and collection bays have been created for Uber Eats drivers, along with new-look tables with wireless charging ports for cell phones.

“We understand that today’s consumers lead demanding, busy lives and so value speed and ease of use perhaps more than ever before. With this in mind, the renovations to the Grayston restaurant are more than just a makeover. They’re geared towards providing KFC consumers with a better customer experience”.

With almost 50 years on the continent – and having won countless accolades and awards, voted on by consumers and the industry – KFC has redesigned the Grayston restaurant to reflect industry trends and the ergonomic needs of the (QSR) consumer.

Some of these upgrades have already been successfully launched at other restaurants around the country but the sheer scale of the revamp at KFC Grayston is significant and testament to the brand’s commitment to not only staying ahead but consistently meeting – and exceeding – the needs of its consumers.

The QSR employs a total of more than 35 000 people in South Africa and the newly renovated Grayston restaurant is one of the franchise’s 900-plus across South Africa and is a symbol of the brand’s continued growth, both in South Africa and across the continent.

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