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How To Pay for Apps On Google Play With Telkom Airtime

Telkom has managed to reach an agreement with Google and the Bango carrier billing platform to allow its users to bill the purchases made on the Google Play Store directly to their Telkom Mobile accounts.

What is known as “Direct Carrier Billing” is set to be functional for all Android devices, both smartphones and tablets that are on Telkom’s mobile network.

Do you have to be a contract for this new feature?

No! This is not tied down to being a contract subscriber as it looks set to also users to buy levitraHow do you start?

  • Firstly, you must have a Telkom mobile SIM card in an Android device that is connected to Telkom’s mobile network.
  • Once you have completed Step 1, Open the Google Play Store, choose any app or game to buy, there after select Enable Telkom Billing as a payment method.
  • Lastly, you will need to confirm your purchase (the app or game) that you would like to buy.

NB: On the customer invoice, you will find the details of each transaction that you have made.

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