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Information to assist you with SARS eFiling

Help You eFile IconHow to file your Income Tax via eFiling

For more information on Tax Season 2013, click here.
Information for Businesses and Employers

For more information Business & Employers, click here.

How to pay via eFiling

For more information on payments, click here.

How to change or reset your eFiling password

Change or Reset eFiling Password and Login


How to eFile via Mobisite and Apps

How to do your VAT via eFiling
For more information on VAT, click here.
How to do Dividends Tax via eFiling/e@syFile

For more information on Dividends Tax, click here.

How to do Transfer Duty via eFiling​

For more information on Transfer Duty, click here.
Do you need help?
  • Calling their Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277
  • Visiting your nearest SARS branch. Make sure you have the following documents:
    • Proof of identity
    • Banking details
    • Tax Documents such as IRP5/IT3(a) employee tax certificates, IT3b interest certificates, Medical Aid certificates and receipts and Pension fund and retirement annuity certificates.
  • Visit their SARS YouTube channel for our tax videos: www.youtube.com/sarstax

How to object or appeal via eFiling

For more information on objections and appeals, click here.

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