Instagram Launches ‘Nametags’ Feature, Allows others to find your profile when scanned


Instagram has added a Nametag feature as an identification card that allows people to find your profile when it is scanned. Every user’s nametag is unique and can be fully customised.


To check out the feature, you will have to go to your Instagram profile and hamburger menu button at the top. Further, select ‘Nametag’. You also share your nametag with friends through text messages and over other platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. For this, you will have to tap on the arrow at the top right of your nametag.

You can personalise your nametag by touching anywhere on the screen or tapping the button at the top to try other designs. You can choose from different colours, emojis, or selfies with various stickers.

In order to scan another user’s nametag, you will either have to swipe right into the camera and hover over the nametag and hold down on your screen, or you can enter the camera by tapping ‘Scan a nametag’ when viewing your own.

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