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Introducing To You ‘Facebook Spaces’

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Facebook has announced its Facebook Spaces VR app which introduces virtual-reality hangout spaces much like Oculus Rooms announced sometime last year. The app is currently in beta and is compatible with Oculus Rift headsets.

With Facebook Spaces app, users with Oculus Rift headset and Touch controllers will have the ability to join up to three people in the virtual playground and perform various activities together such as watching videos or clicking pictures. Facebook has already released the beta version of the app, which is downloadable from The Oculus Store.

You will be able to see each other in form of customizable avatars. You will also be able to import videos from your own feed and even try mixed-reality experiences by video-calling people using messenger app’s video chat feature. You can also change the surroundings within the Facebook Spaces app and draw three-dimensional objects using drawing tools as well.

You will have full control of your experience, including the ability to pause at any time. Pausing will move you into a quiet space where you can take a break away from other people and activities. You can also choose to mute your friends or remove them from your space. 

Users can invite their Facebook friends to join them in this virtual experience and even enjoy 360-degree videos with them while hanging out with their avatars. 




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