Introducing Grundig’s Virtual User Experience Technology – Virtuality Has Never Been This Tasty!


Grundig’s Virtual User Experience Technology (VUX) is set to completely revolutionize kitchens. Exterior knobs and buttons will be completely eliminated thanks to its incredible Projection Technology. Transforming an ordinary counter-top into an intuitive work surface, VUX technology responds to every movement and touch, allowing home owners to manage their kitchen appliances from one central point. Visually striking, the awe-inspiring technology offers tech-savvy and style conscious home owners a chance to give their kitchens an enviable futuristic makeover.


The highly sophisticated control panel is displayed on the kitchen counter by a projector in the hood. Especially developed sensors intuitively register hand movements and interpret them as instructions, allowing you to adapt the space to your every need. The technology allows users to choose exactly where they want their virtual control panel to appear, and automatically moves it should a utensil get in the way. Blending seamlessly into the worktop, the controls are easy to clean while being far more hygienic, are extremely appealing to the design conscious. “The Grundig Virtual User Experience or VUX, will be showcased at the East Coast Radio Home and Garden Show, for people to achieve the full experience of what Grundig technology has to offer” says Lazola Dipha, Grundig’s Outsource Manager,” We boast a never been seen before technology which speaks to the needs of the modern family”


Equipped with a state-of-the-art induction hob, preparing gourmet dishes has never been easier than with VUX technology. The versatile hob has an innovative Flexi Cook induction hob with 8- zones that accommodates everything from large griddle pans to small saucepans. Intuitively adapting to the size of the cookware, the hob ensures only the required area is heated, saving energy and reducing heat. It even recognizes when something other than a pan has been placed on the surface and automatically turns off.


Transcending the boundaries of a traditional worktop, VUX technology transforms the counter into a visual panel. Enabling home owners to do anything from view a recipe on their kitchen surface, to connect it to a Baby Watch camera which is projected onto the surface through Wi-Fi so that they can watch their little ones as they cook, it totally revolutionizes the kitchen for time conscious individuals.


Beyond providing lighting and ventilation for the hob area, the VUX hood elegantly synchronizes all networked appliances in the kitchen by hosting the projector and motion sensors that register the users’ movement. It features a modern air tunnel design, adjustable suction and lighting and a high-efficiency motor, creating a one-of-a-kind kitchen masterpiece.


Located below the hob, the VUX built-in dishwasher is designed to protect even the most delicate glassware. The Auto Glass Perfect programme measures the water supply to determine whether it is hard or soft, adjusting automatically to provide the ultimate care for chic champagne flutes and elegant tableware. The pioneering technology protects glasses against corrosion and prolongs their lifetime by 20 times1.

The unique Active Self Cleaning feature extends the filter’s life by up to 12 months. Regular rinsing removes food debris leaving dishes dazzling and spotless. The remains of gourmet cooking can, with even the best intentions, develop into unsavory aromas. IonFresh technology releases negative ions that circulate inside the machine, neutralizing bad odours. Remarkable design and unmatched intelligence mark the Grundig VUX as the most progressive and intuitive kitchen technology on the market. “We could before only imagine this kind of ingenuity” says Lazola, “The kitchen of the future is in sight. “

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