SAB is proud to announce the Brewing the Bold project in celebration of Women’s Month. A team of five inspirational women from diverse industries have come together to brew a limited-edition beer in tribute to the brave women who have come before them and to a future where gender equality is the norm.

We chat with team member Elbie Louw who, in addition to being an experienced beer judge and avid home brewer, is also the CEO of her own IT company, eCcenTrix Software Solutions.

Can you please give us some background to what you do?

My business involves developing IT applications for a number of corporate clients and SMMEs. I am gearing my business towards training and employing more female developers as there is still a lack of women in the technical fields within the IT industry.

Dealing with clients can sometimes be thirsty work, so in my spare time I love brewing craft beer at home for me and my husband to enjoy. I’ve always had a special affinity for beer, and I try to encourage more women to learn the art of brewing so that they can create their own beers according to their individual tastes.  My husband and I are in the process of starting our own small brewery called Binary Brew Works, so this experience with SAB’s Brewing the Bold is invaluable for our future plans.  

What was your first thought when you heard about the Brewing the Bold project?

I’m thrilled with the concept and honoured to be part of such an amazing team of women. There are not enough women in the beer industry and only a handful of women brewmasters in South Africa. I was fortunate enough to have worked with Apiwe before who is our team’s expert brewmaster, and meeting everyone else and working together to make this special beer was a wonderful experience. With SAB lending their considerable support, we are able to spread the message of women empowerment to a much larger audience.

What is your role in the Brewing the Bold project?

I was able to contribute to the team through my background as a beer judge and home brewer, providing the team with insights on the ingredients used, the flavour profile, and the look and feel of the packaging. Ultimately, I want to use this experience to motivate more women to follow their dreams and not let gender stereotypes get in their way. 

What does Women’s Day represent to you?

It almost goes without saying that gender equality will make the world a much better place. This is an important day that draws society’s attention to issues women still face such as unequal opportunities in the workplace and unequal pay. It is also a call for all women to stand together to make their voices heard, but we need to maintain the focus and energy throughout the year – not just for one day.

What’s your advice to other women rising-up in their industries?

We, as mothers, are responsible for exposing our daughters to the same technical stimulus as our sons so that our daughters are not at a disadvantage should they enter a technical environment.

Being treated as an equal in the workplace is not negotiable. You might have to fight to be respected in a technical field and to be given the same opportunities at the same salary, but remember to always stand up for yourself, be consistent and persevere. You will get there.


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