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Matric school leavers ready to tackle 2023 undergraduate studies

Successful matriculants who are in a quandary as to what field of tertiary studies to pursue, will be spoilt for choice by the career-directed courses offered by Regent Business School.

For those who are not sure where their academic talents should be furthered, Regent Business School will offer career guidance.

Dr Ronel Blom, Academic Dean at Regent Business School said that having completed matric opens up endless opportunities to grow and develop, by furthering their studies, get into employment opportunities, and land entry-level jobs.

“Regent Business School understands that not everyone can attend a full-time on-campus programme. The programmes are structured with flexible delivery options through online lectures, tutorials and webinars for best practice in distance learning.

At Regent Business School, matric school leavers have the opportunity to pursue degrees, diplomas, higher certificates and advanced diploma courses in various fields,” she said.

Dr Blom advised matriculants that if one has a specific career in mind, research it well, as many people have inaccurate and overemphasized ideas about what certain jobs entail.

If researching study choices seems too overwhelming, Regent Business School has many open days to help you make an informed decision.

Hear what some of our students have to say:

Christian Mugisha

Christian Mugisha, from Auckland Park in Johannesburg, said his first year at Regent Business School went exceptionally well and he had enjoyed adapting to the new hybrid style of learning.

“I plan to become a Chartered Accountant as I enjoy accounting,” he said.

His advice to matric school leavers is that they should prioritise their studies and make sure to take care of their mental health.

Rabin Mu’Minah

Rabin Mu’Minah from Bonnieville in Cape Town said her first year of studies at Regent  Business School was also exciting.

“My advice to matric school leavers is that if one knows what they want to pursue, that is fine, but if that is not the case, it is also acceptable. Try to make the most of the first year, but also work hard. Remember that it is okay to admit when one is struggling and needs help,” she said.

Mu’Minah is studying to obtain a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Kaylene Titus

Kaylene Titus, from Wentworth in Durban, said it was a huge transition from high school to university where she gained a lot of wisdom, growth and friends.

“My first year of studies at Regent was a breeze and has made me only want to do the best in my next two years,” she said, adding the lecturing team was most supportive.

Her advice to matriculants is to work hard from day one and make every effort when it comes to your studies. Ask questions if you do not understand the lecturer and stay focused on your goals.

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