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Microsoft Copilot App Arrives for iPhone and iPad – Including Free GPT-4 Access

The Microsoft Copilot app is now accessible for iPhone and iPad users through the Apple App Store. The iOS version follows closely on the heels of the standalone Copilot app release for Android by Microsoft. Fueled by the cutting-edge GPT-4 and DALL-E 3, this AI-driven chatbot is available for free download and usage. However, it’s worth noting that there a few features missing from the mobile version of Copilot.

Recently rebranded from Bing Chat, Copilot offers users a versatile platform for text creation, query responses, text summarization, essay and poem writing, and more. Additionally, users can utilize the integrated DALL-E 3 image generator to create images. The app provides complimentary access to the latest GPT-4 large language model developed by OpenAI. However, based on testing, users are limited to receiving up to 30 responses at a time, and enabling GPT-4 within the app is a necessary step.

The iOS version of the Copilot app presently does not retain chat history, preventing users from revisiting recent conversations. Although this functionality is present in ChatGPT, Copilot offers the distinct advantage of providing complimentary access to GPT-4, whereas ChatGPT requires payment for access. Like the Copilot experience on Android, users on iOS are not obligated to sign in to engage with the chatbot. However, opting to sign in grants users access to more extended chat sessions.

Users have the option to initiate conversations with Copilot on iOS by using voice commands or sharing images to ask questions. According to the App Store description, the application is designed to be compatible with iPhone and iPad devices operating on iOS 15 or newer versions. Additionally, it is accessible for download on Mac; however, it exclusively functions with Apple Silicon models operating on macOS 12.0 or later.

Microsoft has recently revealed a collaboration with Suno, an AI-driven music creation service. Users can visit Copilot online and utilize Suno to craft their personalized beats. Nevertheless, this necessitates users to log in through a Microsoft account.

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