Microsoft Outlook Will get Dark Mode on Android and iOS


Slightly over a year ago, Microsoft added support for a dark mode within They’re now bringing support for a dark mode on Outlook for Android and iOS. That is not all, for web and mobile may also obtain a dark mode soon. As soon as Apple launches iOS 13 later this year, Microsoft will add support for dark mode on different Office apps together with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

In a blog post, Microsoft officials announced that the company has been engaged on a dark mode for its apps for a while now. The company added a dark UI theme to Office 2019 apps, however it is going to quickly bring a local dark mode to offer a seamless experience to its clients.

A dark mode may help users reduce eye strain, help improve battery life, or just make their workstation look better. With the newest update, the Outlook for iOS app will provide native support for a dark mode as soon as iOS 13 is shipped. Android users will have the ability to automatically swap to the dark mode after they’re on battery saver mode.

After Apple releases iOS 13 this fall, Microsoft will add a local dark mode to OneDrive, Planner, SharePoint, and To-Do apps for mobile. Even its Office apps on mobile together with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint will obtain a dark mode. OneDrive for the Web may also receive a dark mode however there isn’t any specific timeline for that yet.

In its blog post, announcing the support for dark mode, Microsoft’s official said, “We brought designers together from across the company to create a common Dark Mode experience for all our mobile and Web apps. The creative energy that came from exchanging ideas and collaborating with new peers was one of the most fun parts of this entire effort.”

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