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MTN reveals BlackBerry Absolute package

MTN is set to launch a new “BlackBerry Absolute” service which will replace their current uncapped BlackBerry BIS service.

MTN Customers on Blackberry will no longer be able to buy the uncapped BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) package from 1 March 2013 as it will be replaced by a new service called “BlackBerry Absolute” which is capped according to an MTN document dated 5 February 2013.


According to this document, the new service, which will also cost the same as the uncapped BIS service. at R59 per month. This comes with a 200MB limit.  When the 200MB limit is reached, an out of bundle rate of R0.65 per MB will apply.

The Blackberry Absolute service plan can be packaged with ‘MTN Anytime’, ‘MTN OffPeak’, ‘MTN Procall’, and MTN Internet packages, including their TopUp variants. The service will be available to all ‘PayAsYouGo’ plans as well.

MTN customers will be able to load an Internet bundle once the BlackBerry tiered service is finished.

MTN was contacted regarding the matter, but said that no official statement has been released and therefore the new BlackBerry service should only be seen as speculation at this point in time.

I personally think that this service (if given the go ahead) will kill of the MTN Blackberry Customers. Clearly the reason that customers opted for the Blackberry was because of its ‘uncapped’ feature with unlimited downloads. So what’s the point now? It’s just an average phone without its Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) – Right now it seems like the future is with Android…

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  1. Lawrence I totally agree with you, after reading this article I personally feel that I should consider investing in iphone and on Vodacom network

  2. Lawrence I am using 8Ta on my BB but, won’t lie so far so good” the service is fast, reliable and very efficient. The thing I like is that when you add your Bis they automaticaly give you and extra 100mb plus your 500 youtube and unlimited downloads.
    I am impressed with 8Ta”
    And No I’m not working for 8Ta I have a Tuckshop in CPT 🙂
    Bigup 8Ta

  3. We were used to this ulimited bis now its gonna cost us a fortune we will change to another networks.I hear people have already receive mesages about this new system I haven’t received one yet

  4. I think I’ll port to 8ta in april, what mtn is doing to their blackberry customers is cruel .their BB data juz vanishes so 8ta me & my friends will be joining in april.

  5. Lawrence, this is not going to go down well with the SA public. Apparently Vodacom are continuing as usual. Is this true? If not Blackberry is going to loose a hugh chuck of its market.

  6. I can see that MTN now they are fed up with our money, they are drank I mean to say, better I switch the network. 10 years I was using MTN and it is time I make a move…***pissed***

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