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MyKiosk – The self-service pre-paid internet kiosk

Hype Unlimited Brandz is an independent provider of branded self-service pre-paid internet kiosks. Their aim is to get more people connected to the internet conveniently through mykiosk. Mykiosk combines the convenience of a self-service kiosk concept, with an integrated computer connected to a high speed internet connection. The vision behind mykiosk is primarily to provide convenient, fast & affordable internet access at all public places. They also recognize the need from consumers to bundle other services into mykiosk, so they have extended our product roadmap to include services like VoIP (whereby users have the ability to make outbound calls from mykiosk) & Pre-paid airtime . Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see what, where and when these additional services get launched.


Using mykiosk to access the internet is easy as inserting your money into mykiosk, waiting a couple of seconds for the prompt to notify you of your allocated internet access time & off you go. A menu with browsing options is presented to you so you can enjoy high speed broadband internet access.

How it works?

Mykiosk offers 2 types of Internet Access:

  • Walk up usage > Customers walk-up to mykiosk, insert a min R10 note into the notefeeder and get allocated 10 min online usage time. Before the time runs out, the customer is notified at different intervals i.e. 3min, 1min & 30 sec that the time is about to run out and has the option to insert more cash or the session will terminate when the time runs out.
  • Wi-Fi usage > Customers who have Wi-Fi enabled laptops & devices can search for our Wi-Fi network connection and connect to mykiosk as your preferred internet connection.

Web Surfing

Our web browser software, which makes use of Netstop, is designed for easy navigation to your favorite website, fast.

Instant Messaging

Instant messenger has become a very popular method of keeping in touch. You can view your account and contact information online via mykiosk.


All mykiosk’s are Wi-Fi hotspot capable.

Check Email

mykiosk customers can access their email via the web and can also send photo & video email.

Remote Management

Our kiosk’s are remotely monitored & managed by as central server. We also have support contracts in place to conduct our onsite break fix repairs to ensure that mykiosk is an always on & always available service.

Safe Content Browsing

To ensure our customers get the best experiencing browsing the net, we have installed a content filter to protect our customers from unwanted content.

For more information check the official website: www.mykiosk.co.za


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