New social app developed locally lets you wink at contacts anonymously


Sixwinks is a fun new app by Streamertail Systems that lets you send an anonymous wink to six people in your address book. It’s the first app out there that enables you to chat to people you know anonymously in a non-intrusive way. It’s a bit like flirting in a safe environment without the embarrassment.

How it works: 

  1. You import your address book and register through SMS verification.
  2. No username or password necessary. 
  3. Select six people in your address book to wink at. 
  4. These six people will each get an SMS informing them they have received an anonymous wink and asking them to download the app.
  5. You can select another six people every 24 hours.
  6. If they download, we will automatically connect the sender and receiver in a chatroom, but neither will know who they are talking to.
  7. Chat anonymously and then once you think it is safe to tell, share your name or mute the chat. Even your friends can be weirdos.

Why six winks? 

To protect both parties. Since the sender has sent to six people, they have no idea who they are talking to, and because the recipient doesn’t know who sent the wink, both parties are anonymous when connected. After every 24 hours have passed, the sender can send another set of six winks. 

While trying to work out to whom they are talking they can rename the chatrooms to avoid confusion and block the annoying ones. The users are in complete control and able to reveal their names when they think they know who they are chatting to. 

Safety has always been a key issue for the team at Streamertail who developed the app, but since the anonymity isn’t one-sided the opportunity for bullying is limited. Streamertail also advise people to read their tips on the website to stay safe and to use the app responsibly.

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