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No More Mismatched Icons! iOS 18 Beta 3 Brings Automatic Dark Mode for All Apps

Dark mode lovers, rejoice! iOS 18 Beta 3 has arrived, bringing a much-needed feature that will make your home screen look sleek and consistent. We’re talking about automatic dark mode theming for third-party app icons.

Previously, those pesky light-colored app icons stuck out like sore thumbs when you switched to dark mode. But with Beta 3, Apple is using some clever tech (possibly machine learning image separation) to automatically adjust unoptimized app icons.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Icons with white backgrounds will get a sweet makeover, flipping to a black background for a true dark mode aesthetic.
  • Simpler logos with a few colors might also receive a darker tint to blend in seamlessly.
  • More complex icons might not get a full overhaul, but Apple will still apply a filter to dim the colors for a more cohesive look.

This is a big win for anyone who appreciates a uniform and aesthetically pleasing home screen. No more jarring bright spots interrupting your dark mode flow.

But wait, there’s more! It seems Apple is also working on some bugs related to this automatic dark theme for icons. So, we can expect even better results in future updates.

Is this the end of manually optimized app icons?

Not quite. While this automatic theming is a welcome addition, it might not always produce perfect results. Developers can still provide optimized dark mode icons for a more polished look and better control over the final appearance.

So, how do you get automatic dark mode icons?

If you’re an adventurous soul rocking the iOS 18 developer beta, simply update to Beta 3 (build number 22A5307F) and enable dark mode in your settings. Your app icons should automatically adjust accordingly.

For everyone else, stay tuned! The official release of iOS 18 with this exciting feature is expected in the coming months.

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