NOERDEN unveils a brand new identity for 2021!


NOERDEN renews its visual identity! The French brand is innovating once again, not with a new product, but with a logo that fits perfectly with the times.

Its bold font asserts its new image and blends wonderfully with its return to a neutral tone. You can feel here NOERDEN’s signature: minimalism coupled with sleek design.

“The devil is in the details”. The new logo, meanwhile, reveals 4 new designs of squares. These 4 squares, representing a simplified image of the digital pixel, are at the heart of its new font: rounded contours that are fully associated with NOERDEN’s universe of fitness and technology.

“The NOERDEN community evolved just like our products. The brand had to take the plunge. From wellness and fitness products to the brand, everything had to be in line with our user’s image. A dynamic spirit in a technological world that is always moving faster: that’s what this new identity represents! ” says Christophe Cermolacce, CEO of NOERDEN.

He continues: “This change is positively taking hold in the history of NOERDEN. We are not looking to become a new brand. We are the same brand with a much stronger and more
assertive identity. We have no doubt that this new image will appeal to the NOERDEN community! You will also remember that this transformation remains in the brand’s DNA which is to “KISS” (Keep It Stupid Simple) “: a way of thinking where we prioritize simplicity in the design by eliminating all unnecessary complexities.

The deployment of this new identity will be done gradually in corporate communication and will apply to all media (online and offline).

NOERDEN does not intend to stop there, and is in the process of developing some more big changes! To be continued…

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