OPPO budget phones in sharp focus

OPPO understands that the best camera to have is the one you have with you, that’s why every OPPO smartphone is equipped with intelligent cameras so that you are always ready to capture the beauty around you. OPPO A53s uses its smooth performance to unlock a premium camera experience and A15 gets the job done in vivid colour. Both devices feature the same great triple rear camera system because OPPO believes in spreading the magic of technology to a wide audience.
Powerful processing
The Spectra 340 image signal processor inside the Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 offers a new photography experience with excellent colour reproduction and better capture in extreme lowlight than seen before in this market segment.

OPPO A15 is no slouch either with the powerful and efficient Mediatek Helios P35 sporting impressive electronic image stabilisation with Rolling Shutter Compensation to keep your videos looking pro. Add in multi-frame noise reduction and Instant Auto Exposure and this budget handset becomes a low-light beast.
High quality optics
All three main cameras maximise the light captured so that your memories are preserved in bright detail. Achieve that cinematic look with high frame rates (up to 120 fps) in high definition, so you can slow down the action for dramatic speed ramps. With wide and macros lenses as well as a depth sensor, you’ll never be short on options to get the perfect portrait of focus in on the finer details.
Dazzle them with beauty
A depth sensor helps you produce perfect portraits, but the clever Dazzle Colour brings your images to vivid life with better than real vibrance. OPPO has also designed 15 unique filters so you can truly reflect the mood, style and occasion.
Stunning selfies
Achieve beautiful depth of field from the front facing camera through the specially tuned AI algorithms and the flawless five-element lens. OPPO A53s sets the standard for selfie quality in its market.
OPPO A15 retains the AI enhancement and puts its three-element lens to good use capturing your contours and balancing lighting for the perfect studio look.
Get a unique perspective
A macro lens lets you get as close as 4cm to your subject to reveal details in a way that regular cameras can’t see. Use your creativity to capture the finer beauty in the world around you.
With the OPPO A53s you can create beautiful content, and enjoy it on the expansive, buttery smooth 90Hz 6.5” Neo display. A 5000mAh battery means that you can shoot all day and still have enough juice to get through some gaming before bedtime. It’s the perfect companion for work, creativity and play.   
OPPO A15 delivers the same premium camera experience, but at a more attainable price. In a world of high quality content creation, OPPO A15 will keep even the most discerning mobile creative satisfied.
Priced from R6 999 for the A72, R4 999 for the A53s and R2 999 for the A15, the devices can also be purchased on 24-month contracts and are available at Vodacom Stores, Foschini, Cellucity, 4U, Chatz, Hi, Game and their respective online stores.  From 7 December 2020 OPPO A15 will be on a 24-month contract at Cellucity from R249.99 per month. 
Double up on the A-series goodness with these exclusive Double Deals available from 7 December 2020  to 7 January 2021:

OPPO DeviceVodacom Shop, CelluCity, Chatz, 4UGame
A72 + A15From R499pm x 24Plus:
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OPPO Enco W11 Ear Buds,
BT Speaker
R500 Store Voucher
From R499pm x 24Plus:
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OPPO Enco W11 Ear Buds,
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A15 + A15From R299pm x 24Plus:
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BT Speaker x2
From R279pm x 24Plus:
OPPO Rewards x2
BT Speaker x2
A15 + TabletFrom R369pm x 24Plus:
OPPO Rewards
BT Speaker

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