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Powertime – Purchasing electricity has never been this easy

Powertime is a level 4 BEE merchant business focusing on the prepaid electricity segment.
They are the leading prepaid electricity mobile merchant in South Africa and we provide nearly 7 million South African prepayment electricity customers with smart channels to buy electricity tokens 24/7 via innovative applications on smart phones, such as iPhone, Blackberry,Android, Nokia and via their mobi site m.powertime.co.za and www.powertime.co.za
Powertime develops, delivers and operates innovative solutions that provide critical knowledge and ease of use to empower customers, and help them make informed decisions about the use of energy therefore contributing to the South African Energy Conservation Program.


Powertime allows you to buy various Utilities using Visa, Master and Diners card. They will introduce other payment methods progressively to make it easy for all customers.

  • Prepaid Electricity

You can purchase Prepaid Electricity tokens for almost any Prepaid meter in South Africa. They support Eskom and all major municipalities across the country, except Durban and Port Elizabeth.

  • Airtime

They also offer the ability to purchase Airtime for any South African carrier in various denominations.

  • PowerStream

Free of charge, they provide you with a monthly detailed report of your electricity usage and spend with Powertime for the month and to date. A great tool to monitor your expenses and your electricity usage.

  • PayGenius

Powertime has partnered with PayGenius to enable customers to make secure EFT payment transactions. PayGenius is a secure digital wallet.

In order to purchase Electricity or Airtime via EFT, all you need to do is log into your internet banking and set Powertime as a beneficiary. Then, just make an EFT payment, and upload your proof of payment on the PayGenius page, the Powertime Web page, or email it to [email protected]. Your PayGenius wallet will then be credited by the amount paid and you will be able to use this credit to purchase prepaid electricity and airtime from the Web site of from any of their mobile app (iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia).

For any information, please contact them on [email protected]

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