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Primary School Learners Powered by Digital Maths

As part of its ongoing investment in education, Standard Bank has partnered with Matific, an award-winning digital mathematics resource solution that provides rich, engaging, and fun games and activities, helping teachers and learners raise mathematical standards in primary schools. Globally, Matific has improved the maths ability of young learners by as much as 34% and general interest by up to 31%.

Primary school’s anywhere in South Africa that bank with Standard Bank can now access Matific at a reduced rate, enjoying access to a wide range of maths tools and lessons to use in and outside the classroom.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with Matific to provide a proven and tested resource to both teachers and learners,” says Ben Pretorius, Head of Education Sector, Standard Bank South Africa. “This powerful tool has the potential to contribute to improving mathematical competency levels for young learners all over South Africa.”

The 2021 Matric results revealed that learner Maths competency levels need to be addressed and improved, to enable students to reach their potential and take on many disciplines requiring core maths principles, particularly in the STEM fields.

Maths competency levels are not limited to last year’s results. They are a recurring theme, reflecting the enormous job that teachers across South Africa encounter in adequately instructing learners in basic maths concepts. As such Matific has been purposefully built on the insight that equipping children to complete their schooling successfully requires a grounding in the fundamentals of maths from the very start.

Matific resources are available in over 40 languages, including English and Afrikaans. The course work is aligned with the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). Learners and schools also don’t need to worry about data costs, as the platform is zero-rated across South African mobile networks.

Matific is targeted at Grade R to 7 learners , designed by experts in childhood education to develop problem-solving, critical thinking and conceptual understanding. It works in all settings, including classrooms with no Internet or technology, classrooms with digital whiteboards, and classrooms with online access, laptops and mobile.

“Leveraging Standard Bank’s extensive reach in tandem with the educational capability of Matific, we look forward to transforming young lives across South Africa,” concludes Pretorius.

To learn more about the work that Matific is doing, please visit https://www.matific.com

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