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PS5 Gamers Rejoice! Direct Discord Voice Chat Now Available (For Some)

The wait is over for many PlayStation 5 gamers! Sony recently announced a much-anticipated update that allows PS5 users to join Discord voice chats directly from their console. This eliminates the need to rely on the Discord mobile or PC app to initiate the connection, making it a more streamlined and convenient experience.

This new feature comes after Sony’s initial integration of Discord voice chat on PS5 in 2023. While that update allowed users to connect with their Discord buddies, it required them to use a separate device to get the chat started.

Here’s the exciting part: The ability to join Discord voice chat directly on PS5 is rolling out gradually over the coming weeks. The rollout starts in Japan and Asia, followed by Europe, Australia/New Zealand, the Middle East, and finally, the Americas.

So, how do you join the party? PS5 users will need to ensure their console is updated with the latest system software and that their PlayStation Network (PSN) and Discord accounts are linked. Once that’s done, simply navigate to the Discord tab in the Game Base within the PS5 Control Center and select the Discord server or DM group you want to join. You’ll also receive PS5 console notifications when another Discord user calls you, allowing you to jump right into the conversation.

This update is a big win for PS5 gamers who want a more unified and convenient way to connect with their friends on Discord. No more juggling devices or missing out on conversations because your phone isn’t nearby. The wait might be a bit longer for some regions, but for those in the initial rollout zones, it’s time to fire up your PS5 and get chatting!

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