Review: Acer Swift 7 (2018)


Acer has claimed to have the ‘world’s thinnest laptop’ for quite a while now and their latest Swift 7 for 2018 confirms exactly that! We’ve managed to get our hands on the Acer Swift 7 and this is what we think and feel about it…

The Swift 7 is a sublime laptop to pick up and hold, measuring just 0.35 inches (8.98mm) thin and feeling lighter than even perhaps the latest Apple MacBook, though Acer hasn’t revealed that exact figure yet. This laptop is also quite the looker, encased in an all-black, unibody aluminum shell with two sturdy hinges holding the display in place.

And, what a display it is. Now 14 inches on the diagonal thanks to far more narrow bezels, the IPS screen makes colors absolutely pop and offers up wide viewing angles for sharing content. That latter feature could come in handy when pushing the display down 180 degrees.

However, we’re no less miffed by the webcam placement on the Acer Swift 7 than we’ve been with that of the Dell XPS 13: centered but beneath the display rather than above it. We’ve seen Ultrabooks achieve similarly thin bezels with normally positioned webcams, so there’s really little excuse here.

Acer’s promising up to 10 hours of battery life from the Swift 7, which in a full review will likely translate to a result a few hours under that, as they have in nearly every laptop review you’ll see online – from Acer or otherwise.

However, one major feature we’re keen to test further is the inclusion of 4G LTE connectivity through an Intel XMM modem that supports both Nano SIM and eSIM technology and comes out of the box with a free, 1GB Transatel profile to give users a taste. Of course, 802.11ac Wi-Fi with a 2×2 MIMO radio and Bluetooth round out wireless connectivity.

As for hardwired connections, don’t expect a veritable bevy of ports from a laptop this thin and light. Just two USB 3.1 ports and an audio jack dot the sides of this laptop. Hey, at least that’s one more than the MacBook can speak for.

Our Verdict:

A Great Premium Gadget! Pricey for a reason. 
Combination of sleek style with performance that packs a punch!

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