Review: Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – Affordability With Accuracy


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We’ve managed to get our hands on the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and here’s what we have to say about it… First things first, most of us already know that Xiaomi has been growing in leaps and bounds from mobile phones to wearables for quite a while now. It’s fair to say that we are all becoming more aware of how active, or not, we are and fitness wearables seem to do a tremendous job at helping us track that. However, some of the bigger brand names can be quite expensive, giving us the feeling that they may just not be worth the investment.

This is where the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is different. With a battery that will last around 20 days on a single charge, monitor your steps, heart rate as well as your sleep patterns. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 also sends you notifications for calls, texts and apps at nearly half the cost of some of its competitors.

The Mi Band 2 is very similar to its predecessor, featuring two components – a capsule and a band. The band is made of a rubber-like material that is very comfortable. 

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2’s capsule fits perfectly into the band and not once did we worry that it might pop or fall out. The capsule has its display on the top, with a big circular button that lets you check stats such as the number of steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve covered, the calories you’ve burned, etc. The button worked flawlessly from the moment we’ve been using it. The base of the capsule has the heart rate sensor, which protrudes a bit, intended to get into our skin.

The Mi Band 2 also features automatic sleep tracking, which functions fairly accurately. 

If you want a band that vibrates when you get calls, texts, and app notifications, then the Mi Band 2 is a good purchase. All of these features worked well, although you might find this distracting if you often receive a lot of alerts. The Mi Band 2 also allows you to set alarms and wakes you up with a discrete buzz. This is one of its most useful features. 

All alerts can be configured via the Mi Fit app either on your Android or iOS device. The app is pretty slick and worked quite well. The app shows basic data such as steps/distance covered along with your sleep time as well.

Is the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 worth the investment?

  • Yes – without a doubt! The Mi Band 2’s battery life is exceptional. The only issue we found is that, the device needs a proprietary charger, which could be a problem if you lose it or forget to carry it with you.

Where can I purchase the Xiaomi Mi Band 2?

  •  We recommend that you purchase the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 from here


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