Roblox has reached an incredible popularity level amongst the younger generation of gamers where few developers could ever dream of achieving with their releases. However, at the same time, a shocking number of people have never heard of it. As it turns out, games starring player-customized faux-Lego figures just aren’t very popular among adults, but they’ve taken the world by storm for those under the age of 14.

If you’re unfamiliar, Roblox is a game on PC, mobile devices, and Xbox One that allows users to create their own avatar and play any number of thousands of games that are all created by other players. In addition to playing games online with friends, anyone can also start building their own world and release their very own Roblox game.

What makes Roblox absolutely incredible from a pure design perspective is how insulated everything is within its own ecosystem. Users don’t even need to download anything as the entire platform and all of its games can be launched directly in your web browser. Once you customize your avatar you can jump into a knock off Pokemon game, go shoot some zombies with friends, or live a pretend life in a fictional Roblox city. There are racing games, shooting games, adventure games, roleplaying games, platforming games, and anything else you could think of. All a kid has to do is type in what they want or click on what looks most appealing and they’re good to go.

The vast majority of games on Roblox are all free-to-play with advertising and microtransactions, similar to games found on the iOS App Store or Google Play. Players can even subscribe to the Roblox Builders club to earn daily credits and other special rewards. 


When considering Roblox, it’s important to keep in mind that it isn’t just placing blocks in a virtual world like in Minecraft. In the case of Roblox, you’re opening up a program called “Roblox Studio” and actually building models of objects and characters, you’re creating NPCs and giving them dialog, or even writing some code to make things act a certain way.