Samsung ADH (ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE FROM HANDLING) is a benefit that is in place for a period of 24 (twenty four) months in the event of a device sustaining accidental screen damage and/or liquid damage during the normal use thereof by the device owner, in particular: 2 incidents of liquid damage OR 2 incidents of screen damage OR 1 incident of liquid damage and 1 incident of screen damage.


1.1. There is no premium or fee cost to the device owner
1.2. No incident fee payable by device owner upon a damage incident


2.1. This benefit provides the device owner with the ability to receive a ‘loan device’ while their damaged device is being repaired.

2.2. The benefit is a door-to-door service offering, whereby a courier service will deliver the ‘loan unit’ and collect the ‘damaged device’ from the customer’s preferred address

2.3. The ‘loan unit’ is model for model i.e. S5 for S5 or Note 3 for Note 3

2.4. In respect of devices that are sold in South Africa, the customer will have the benefit of 2 (two) ‘instant loan units’ over a 24 (twenty four) month period in the event of an ADH incident; and

2.5. 24 (twenty four) hour delivery of a the ‘loan device’ in all major centres in South Africa;


3.1. This benefit provides the device owner with the service of the collection of the ‘damaged device’ and the delivery of a ‘loan device’ in the event of an ADH incident (Only available in South Africa);

3.2. The device owner may elect not to make use of the loan device offering and choose to simply repair the damaged device while still making use of the Smart Pick Up Service i.e. the collection of the ‘damaged device’ and the subsequent delivery of the ‘repaired device’.


4.1. Smart value provides the device owner with a guaranteed future buyback for their device calculated against the recommended retail price at the date of the device purchase in South Africa and other African countries:

25% buyback within the period 0 – 12 months


  • The ADH Premium App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Samsung App Store
  • The ADH Premium contact centre must be called by the Samsung customer to facilitate the Smart Swap and Smart Pick Up benefit
  • Should a walk in customer (store or ASC) request the Smart Swap and Smart Pick Up benefit, they must be instructed to call the ADH
  • Premium contact centre and the benefit will be actioned

ADH Premium Contact details

0861 666 646