The devastating storms and floods in Durban destroyed hundreds of homes and left thousands of people destitute. Aid organisations descended on the areas and have been working around the clock to assist victims by providing basic necessities such as food, water, clothing and blankets, also aiding victims in rebuilding their homes.

“Samsung has a legacy in the KwaZulu-Natal region and more specifically, Durban. We have our local television manufacturing plant in The Dube Trade Port and a Samsung Engineering Academy. People are very important to us and we wanted to make sure that the broader community is cared for and is receiving assistance,” said Richard Chetty, Samsung Director of Services.

Charitable organisations from across the country heeded the call for help after the news broke. Corporate South Africa also answered, with Samsung putting up its hand by donating half a million Rand to Gift of the Givers but also launched their own campaign, getting its hands dirty, to help those in need.

The Samsung Service Department sent out its Service Vans to the worst affected areas to deliver parcels containing food, blankets and other necessities to more than 400 people devastated by the storms. The team also took calls from Samsung customers who had digital appliances damaged caused by the floods. The teams drove out to these customers, armed with spare parts, tools and food ready to conduct repairs. The teams assessed the flood damage done to appliances and then, free of charge, repaired more than 50 dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators and more.

“The response to this drive has been overwhelming and we did this because we want to create positive change for the people affected, we want to help create a better world and this type of action is rooted in our core values. A business cannot be successful unless it creates prosperity and opportunity for others. Samsung is dedicated to being a socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizen in every community in which we operate,” said Chetty.