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SARS eFiling


What is eFiling?

SARS eFiling is a free, online process for the submission of returns and declarations and other related services, for more information visit the eFiling Services page. This free service allows taxpayers, tax practitioners and businesses to register free of charge and submit returns and declarations, make payments and perform a number of other interactions with SARS in a secure online environment.

Taxpayers registered for eFiling can engage with SARS online for the submission of returns and declarations and payments in respect of taxes, duties, levies and contributions.

The eFiling service is on a par with international standards, being comparable with services offered in the United States (US), Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Chile and France.

eFiling Benefits

eFiling is a free, simple and secure way of interacting with SARS from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

No more waiting in queues, finding parking or worrying about office hours. Once registered, eFilers can submit returns, view their tax status and make payments to SARS electronically 24 hours a day!

eFilers are also given more time to make their submissions and payments. Individual taxpayers and trusts have more time to submit their returns which means longer to pay any additional income tax. And if you’re a business paying VAT, you get until the last business day of the month to pay it over (rather than the 25th of the month for manual filers)!

You also have a full history of all submissions, payments and electronic correspondence available to you at the click of a button through the innovative reporting tool.

eFilers can also receive SMS and email notifications to remind you when submissions are due.

The simplicity of the process results in fewer errors and creates a quicker processing cycle for individuals and businesses.

Isn’t it time you joined more than 2.7 million individual taxpayers and 350 000 businesses who are enjoying all the ease, convenience and peace-of-mind that eFiling offers?

Services Offered

eFiling offers the facility to submit a variety of tax returns including VAT, PAYE, SDL, UIF, Income Tax, STC and Provisional Tax through the eFiling website.

Online Services

Currently, the following services are available:

  • Pay-As-You-Earn (EMP201 return)
  • Skills Development Levy (included on the EMP201 and EMP501 return)
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund (included on the EMP201 and EMP501 return)(Note: UIF filing is done separately via www.ufiling.gov.za)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT201)
  • Provisional Tax (IRP6)
  • Secondary Tax on Companies (IT56)
  • Personal Income Tax(ITR12)
  • Trusts (IT12R)
  • Advanced Tax Ruling (ATR)
  • Change of Personal Details (IT77/RFC)
  • Additional Payments
  • Request for Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Request for Tax Directive
  • Transfer Duty
  • Stamp Duty
  • Security Transfer Tax(STT)
  • Tax Practitioner Registration
  • VAT Vendor Search
  • Notification Tool
  • Tax Calculators
  • Complete history of eFiling usage
  • Customs payments
  • Air Passenger Tax payments

SARS intends to expand the services offered through eFiling substantially as the service matures

Please note: Unemployment Insurance (UIF) filing is done separately on www.ufiling.gov.za .As with eFiling, you can submit your UIF declarations and pay your contributions through this free service.

Should you require assistance for uFiling, please contact the UIF call centre on 0860 345 464 or send an e-mail to [email protected] .For more information on UIF, visit the Department of Labour website on www.labour.gov.za.

Make a payment

There are a number of options available to you if you want to make a payment to SARS.

At a bank

Payments to SARS can be made at the following banks: ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank
Please quote the correct beneficiary ID and payment reference number (PRN).

Payments via eFiling

Two types of payments may be affected on eFiling:
  • Credit push, (recommended option) which refers to payment transactions that are initiated on eFiling and presented to the bank as bill presentation, i.e. at the payer’s bank as a payment request awaiting authorisation. The payer is required to log into the banking product (e.g. internet banking) and authorise the payment request to finalise the transaction. Credit push transactions are irrevocable once approved by the user.
  • Authorised debit pull refers to payment transactions where the payer has requested SARS to collect on their behalf at a specified date. This payment mechanism involves the initiation of a payment instruction from SARS’s bank to the client’s bank. The debit push mechanism may be reversed due to insufficient funds once the request is processed by the bank. Correct banking details are required to ensure the payment is successful.
All banks are supported for Debit pulls however they are limited to R500k per transaction.
The following banks can be used for Credit push transactions: ABSA, CITIBank, FNB, Investec, Nedbank and Standard Bank.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Payment may be made via the internet banking facilities by simply using the standard drop-down listing of pre-loaded beneficiary IDs provided by the bank. All SARS beneficiary IDs are prefixed with the naming convention “SARS- <Tax Type>”. All internet payments must be correctly referenced to ensure that SARS is able identify your payment and correctly allocate it to your account. You will not be able to make a payment if your reference is incorrect.
The following banks support this method: ABSA, Capitec Bank, FNB, Investec, Mercantile, Nedbank and Standard Bank

At a SARS branch

SARS branches no longer accept cash payments. Payments by cheque can be made at a SARS branch. Cash payments to SARS can be made at a bank as indicated above.
Cheque payments in respect of payroll taxes [Pay-as-you-earn (PAYE), Skills development levy (SDL) and Unemployment insurance fund (UIF)], Value-added tax (VAT) and/or Diesel and Dividends Tax may not exceed R100 000. This applies irrespective of the number of tax periods being paid. Furthermore, should multiple cheque payments be received, the total amounts received may not exceed R100 000
In respect of all other taxes, SARS will no longer accept any cheque payments http://www.mentalhealthupdate.com/ativan.html exceeding the total amount of R500 000. This is because banks will no longer accept cheques exceeding R500 000. This decision was taken by the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA), which is the association responsible for managing payments within South Africa, and with the endorsement of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB).


If you are paying by cheque, the cheque must be made out to “South African Revenue Service” (do not use the abbreviation SARS) in any of the official languages.
Should multiple cheque payments be made, the total amount per cheque may not exceed R100 000.
If the cheque payment exceeds R100 000, you should make use of the following channels:
  • Deposit the cheque at a bank or
  • Complete an internet banking transfer or
  • Make payment via eFiling. (Please note: To make payments via eFiling you need to register as an eFiler on www.sarsefiling.co.za).

Cut-off time

Payments made via a SARS drop-box in one of our branches must be received by no later than 15:00, failing which it will be regarded as having been received on the following business day.

Foreign payments

Payments can be made electronically into SARS’ bank account using the standard SWIFT 103 message and the Beneficiary ID/Account Number “SARS-FOR-999”. FNB supports this method.

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