School of Art and Design launches to train a new generation of Concept Artists for Films and Games


DAS: School of Art and Design offers foundational and advanced courses focused on training the fundamentals of drawing, painting and entertainment design for films, games and media.


Epic Legend (Pty) Ltd. trading as DAS: School of Art and Design has endeavored to bring South Africans the opportunity to comprehensively study entertainment design. DAS offers foundational and advanced courses in entertainment design which embodies creating visual assets including drawings, paintings, character and vehicles designs, as well as environment designs, for use in entertainment productions including films and games.

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Entertainment design is an essential part of the pre-production process for media development, and the worlds, characters and creatures created during this phase inform the final look and feel of the production. “Though concept art is well known amongst gamers and avid film fans, it’s a largely unknown field to the majority of South Africans. We believe that our country is capable of producing some of the finest digital artists in the world, and our goal is to train those individuals in order to grow the South African entertainment design industry.” says Scott Harris, Art Director at DAS. Together with co-art directors Matthew Vice, Conceptual Art, Kyle Brand, Industrial Design, and Ezelle Van Der Heever, Character Design, DAS endeavors to cultivate a new generation of highly skilled conceptual artists.

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