SD Card View and Tablet Support Arrives in Latest Google Files Go App Update


Google Files Go app is getting three new upgrades… A new SD-card only view allows users to filter content based on where it is stored. Android tablets are now supported by Files Go, allowing for a seamless transfer between phones and tablets. Lastly, a new “Open With” tab allows users choose the app that they want a file to be opened with. Files Go is available widely for Android devices.

Google claims that many of its Files Go users use SD cards to back up their files. Thus, the update has made it easier to distinguish between files stored on inbuilt storage or external storage with the new “Show SD card only” button that helps find only those files saved on the SD card.

In an attempt to create a seamless experience for users, Google Files Go app is now available on Android tablets. This allows users to “manage storage and transfer files between your small and big screen Android devices without using any data.”

Lastly, a new “Open With” tab has been rolled out to the Files Go app. This allows users to choose the app they want to open specific files with. For example, users might want to choose their preferred word processing tool to open a word document through Files Go.

The Files Go app has been custom built for Android Go edition phones and will come pre-installed on them. The app will prompt users to regularly delete large files to make up for space on phones with limited storage space.

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