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Selfies and technology driving social media fame

Becoming social media famous, has never been easier, with technology assisting anyone to grow their online presence and raise their profile. From cellphones with high-end cameras, to Apps that not only allow people to share, but also edit and beautify, the content they put out for their followers.

A major part of social media fame are selfies. The origin of the art is clouded in mysticism, with much debate taking place around who actually took the first selfie –it is believed a self-portrait by Robert Cornelius, an amateur chemist and photography enthusiast, in 1839 may be the first!

But what is not debatable, is their massive scale in today’s world. In 2013, the Oxford English Dictionary named selfie as its Word of the Year, while in 2019 a stat clocked the number of selfies taken on Android devices at 93 million per day. One of the most famous and shared selfies was Ellen DeGeneres’ one at the Oscars, which was retweeted more than three million times, and was the most shared photo in Twitter history for three years. Selfies are everywhere, and everyone seems to be using them.

Another popular spinoff are selfie videos, which have become popular on the likes of TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat. Adding dances and lip-synching to popular songs in video form has become hot trends.

Finding an App to edit and beautify social media content can also add to its impact, when shared with followers, boosting the likes, comments and shares it receives. Here are three Apps which can be found on HUAWEI AppGallery which make this process a lot simpler.

PicsArt Photo Editor 

This App is your go-to, all-in-one photo and video editor. It contains an impressive array of editing features, including effects, drawing, collage making, stickers, filters, face swap, and a free image library. Personalise and touch up your pics and shots with very little effort, before sharing them with your followers.


Offering quick and easy picture taking and editing, this App has been downloaded and installed over 14 million times by HUAWEI AppGallery users to date. This is a testament to how effective and useful it is. With an auto beauty enhancement feature at the tap of a button, as well as intelligent exposure, which allows for the taking of beautiful selfies even in low-light, the App also comes with effects, filters, stickers and much more.    

InShot – Video Editor

Looking to take your social media video to the next level? This App makes video editing a breeze, from trimming, cutting, splitting and joining clips to adding effects, filters, music, text, and stickers just to name a few. Once you are done editing, the App also lets you share your videos to your social media channels with just one click.

Win a HUAWEI P40.    

If you are the King or Queen of selfies or videos then you’ll want to check out the ‘Make Me Famous’ campaign, which HUAWEI Mobile Services is currently running.  You could win a HUAWEI P40 device by simply sharing your best pic or video. This device’s camera will definitely help you on your journey to social media fame, so get snapping and recording, and it could be yours. Visit the campaign page, by clicking here from your phone, for more details.  

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