SmartThings Find & Galaxy SmartTag


Last October, Samsung introduced the SmartThings Find service to help Galaxy users quickly and easily track and locate compatible Galaxy devices, even when they’re offline – including Galaxy smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and earbuds[1].

Now, Samsung is expanding its SmartThings Find tracking experience to non-connected devices and belongings with its new Bluetooth locator – Galaxy SmartTag. The SmartThings Find service and Galaxy SmartTag work together to keep track of your most important belongings by attaching it to items like your bag, wallet, bicycle or even your pet, not just Galaxy devices.

  1. How to connect Galaxy SmartTag

It’s very simple! Open the ‘SmartThings’ app on your Galaxy S21 and press the button on your ‘Galaxy SmartTag’ to activate > Your SmartTag will make a sound and the S21 will show a pop-up in the app > Select ‘Add now’ and start using the Galaxy SmartTag by attaching it to a belonging you want to track.

*If the pop-up doesn’t appear, press the ‘+’ button in the upper right corner of the SmartThings app and select ‘Device’. You can also register your SmartTag via ‘Scan QR code (on the package box)’, ‘Scan nearby’ or direct product selection.

*Your Galaxy SmartTag also works with SmartThings Find to track your other Galaxy devices. If you haven’t tried SmartThings Find yet: Just tap the SmartThings Find banner at the top of the SmartThings app > Read and consent to the Terms & Conditions > Choose Galaxy SmartTag and your Galaxy devices to be registered in the SmartThings Find service.

  1. How to find missing items with Galaxy SmartTag

When your Galaxy SmartTag is offline – disconnected from your Galaxy S21 – it sends a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signal so it can be detected by nearby Galaxy devices. Once detected, the device will send the nearby location info to the SmartThings Find for you to access. All SmartThings Find user data is encrypted and securely protected. That means your location and personal information is protected regardless of when you lost your device or which device is used for the search.

To locate your SmartTag, simply turn on ‘Notify me when it’s found’ in the device card of the ‘SmartThings Find’ service. Once your SmartTag is found by a nearby device, SmartThings Find will send you a notification. Plus, tools such as ‘Search nearby’, ‘Navigate’ or ‘Ring’ will help speed up and simplify your experience.

  1. Additional Galaxy SmartTag[2] Functionality

Lost your smartphone? Simply tap your Galaxy SmartTag button twice to receive an alert helping you locate your connected Galaxy S21. You can also customise the SmartThings command done by tapping the button once[3]. For example, if you click the button when you return home, your lights and TV will be automatically turn on[4].

[1] Availability may vary by market and carrier. Available on Galaxy smartphones and tablets running Android 8 or later, Galaxy Watch devices running Tizen 5.5 or later and Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Pro.

[2] These features will be available soon. There will be a SmartThings app update between 1/19-21, and you can start using the features after the update. Availability may vary by market and carrier.

[3] Available only when both Galaxy SmartTag and your Galaxy smartphone are connected.

[4] Available only when both Galaxy SmartTag and your Galaxy smartphone are connected. Supports devices and commands that are registered in the SmartThings app.

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