SodaStream South Africa is launching a once-in-a-lifetime Proudly South African carbonated bottle, a world first in the company’s history. Paying homage to 25 years of democracy in South Africa the bottle will be available from retail stores nationwide in September.

The smart design has a South African twist guaranteed to turn heads wherever people take the unique travel bottle. It features the landscapes of the country and celebrates our differences while capturing the victories of the past. The Proudly South African bottle works on all makes of SodaStream machines. It has a unique cap which not only seals the bottle to ensure it retains its fizziness but is BFA-free and completely safe to use.

“We wanted to create a truly unique offering that shows how passionate the company is about the country. With this Proudly South African design, we have created the ultimate bottle that is not only better for a person, but the planet as well,” says Thembakazi Ndamase, marketing director of SodaStream SA.

But it is not only on looks where the bottle excels. The re-usable bottle is designed to help reduce single-use plastic waste. For its part, South Africa is ranked in the top 20 globally when it comes to producers of trash per capita.

She says that one SodaStream re-usable bottle can replace 512 bottles and cans that a single person uses in a year.

“Single-use plastic waste and pollution threatens our wildlife and has a direct impact on the tourism industry. With this in mind, we investigated how we can do more to help not only the country, but the planet.

Featuring three different Proudly South African designs, SodaStream has released the perfect bottle people can carry with them, show their support of the country, and do so in an environmentally-friendly manner.

The recommended retail price is R246.99. Please visit for a complete list of stockists or to purchase the bottle online.