Stories on Instagram Receive GIF Stickers with Access to Giphy Database


Instagram has officially collaborated with Giphy. GIF stickers will be made available globally as a part of the Stickers tab in the app.

Instagram users will now be able to add funny GIF stickers to their public and private stories. GIF stickers will be available as part of version 29 on Android and iOS.

How do you use the feature?

  1. You need to take a photo, choose one from the gallery, or record a video on the Instagram Stories tab in the app.
  2. Click on the Stickers icon on the top right of the screen. Within the list, you will find the new GIF button to add the animated stickers to the photo or video you chose.

Clicking on the button will take you to a list of the top trending GIF stickers. You will now have the ability to choose from any of the stickers you like and place it anywhere on the image or video. You may resize the GIF sticker, place more stickers, and add text as usual. You can also tap on the GIF sticker to reverse it.

  • Keywords like “Accessories” to find interesting face stickers such as sunglasses, hats, lips, and so on.
  • Searching for “Effects” will return results of stickers that you can use to enhance the ambience in your story.
  • Stickers in the “Peekers” category give a 3D illusion which will pop up and disappear.
  • Searching for “Word Art” will bring you fancy words in the form of a GIF
  • You can even search for “Emoji” to get some special emoji packs.


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