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The First Silver Training Partnership between Alibaba Cloud Academy and BCX aims to enhance Tech capabilities in Africa

BCX, a prominent digital systems integrator, is excited to announce the signing of a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Alibaba Cloud Academy, establishing BCX as the very first Silver Training Partner for Alibaba Cloud in Africa. This collaboration represents a notable achievement, entrusting BCX with the full spectrum of Alibaba Cloud training programs, certification, and general cloud skills throughout the African continent.

In collaboration with Alibaba Cloud Academy, BCX has introduced two distinctive opportunities for students in Africa – the Alibaba Cloud Academic Empowerment Programme and Student Central. The former is designed to infuse digital excellence into academic institutions throughout Africa, whilst the Student Central portal is aimed at Grades 8 to 12, including university students, to provide free e-learning courses, training, and certifications.

“Our mission is to equip eligible students at mainstream universities with industry-sought-after skills and certifications,” added Reshal Seetahal, Head of Alibaba Cloud Business Unit at BCX. “This program provides access to remote servers and supports continuous self-paced learning through the Alibaba Cloud learning platform. For students, it is a one-stop-shop for accessing learning resources and content that will propel their careers and professional growth, while increasing skills on the continent.”

Elana Jacobus, Head of the BCX Alibaba Cloud Academy, agrees, “This partnership empowers BCX to deliver Alibaba Cloud training and certification services across Africa, allowing us to develop the essential Alibaba Cloud capabilities needed to support customers across the region. The Academy is strategically positioned to generate value for our customers and channel partners, as well as reinforcing our unwavering commitment to skills development in the region. Ultimately, the students on the Alibaba Cloud Academic Empowerment Programme will serve as the feeder into the Alibaba Cloud graduate program, enabling us to create a talent pipeline of certified Alibaba Cloud engineers for BCX and the industry.”

BCX’s commitment to enhancing skills and promoting training development has been ignited by this partnership, as evidenced by its recent initiatives. The BCX 2023 Hackathon, held in September 2023, served as the catalyst for the company’s mission to elevate certifications and skills. This exciting 36-hour event brought together twenty-three teams, comprising eighty-two developers from diverse backgrounds, including students, corporate professionals, and seasoned developers. The competition unfolded across four countries – South Africa, Mozambique, Lesotho, and Malawi – offering teams valuable sponsorship opportunities to participate in Alibaba Cloud Associate Cloud Computing training and exam certifications, further strengthening their cloud expertise.

BCX will continue to focus on technology training and skills upliftment to develop the technology capabilities that are required for the continent to take advantage of this era of digital innovation,” added Seetahal.

BCX offers tailored cloud solutions, ensuring that businesses across various industries can embark on their digital transformation journey with efficiency and effectiveness. Whether it is cloud migration, custom application development, or software-defined networking solutions, BCX is committed to redefining network infrastructure intelligence, enabling organizations to meet the demands of modern digital business with flexibility, scalability, security, and automation.

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