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The PS5 Slim: Finally Landing in South Africa! What You Need to Know

After months of anticipation, the PlayStation 5 Slim is finally set to hit South African shores this month. The long-awaited, streamlined console brings a welcome change for those desiring a compact gaming powerhouse.

Key Slim Features

  • Smaller, Sleeker Design: The PS5 Slim offers a noticeably more compact form factor than its predecessor, making it easier to fit into entertainment setups.
  • Detachable Disc Drive (Digital Edition): While the standard PS5 Slim comes with a disc drive, the Digital Edition allows optional attachment of a disc drive. This offers flexibility for those who primarily rely on digital game downloads.
  • Performance Parity: The PS5 Slim promises the same incredible gaming performance as the original PS5, delivering stunning visuals and immersive gaming experiences.

Pricing in South Africa

Local PlayStation distributor Gamefinity has unveiled the official South African pricing for the PS5 Slim:

  • PS5 Slim Digital Edition: R11,999
  • PS5 Slim Standard Edition (with disc drive): R13,999

Important Note: The pricing for the optional disc drive attachment has yet to be confirmed.


  • Standalone BluRay Disc Drive: Adds disc functionality to the Digital Edition
  • Slim Vertical Stand: Allows the PS5 Slim to be positioned vertically (sold separately)

The PS5 Slim is an excellent option for South African gamers looking for these things:

  • Space-saving design: Perfect if you’re tight on space.
  • Potential cost reduction: The Digital Edition could become more affordable if you choose to forgo the disc drive and mainly use digital downloads.
  • The same great PS5 experience: You won’t sacrifice any of the power and features of the original console.

The PS5 Slim brings the extraordinary power of the PS5 to South Africa in a more streamlined form. With competitive pricing and the promise of an uncompromised gaming experience, the console is ready to elevate how you play.

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